Russian oligarch offers credit for Belarus

Recently, Lukashenka’s Chief of Staff Uladzimir Makiey informed that Belarus can hope for another billion dollar credit. It just became clear who will supply the money. A Russian oligarch, an owner of the Uralkaliy company – Suleyman Kerymov agreed to help out. The loan will be transferred as a down payment for the goods produced by the Belarusian potassium company Bielaruskaliy and sold to Uralkaliy.

At a Russian newswebsite “Viedomosti” an information appeared that it was Alexander Lukashenka who asked Kerymov for a loan. “Viedomosti” journalists speculated that a loan can be used as a guarantee of selling the Belarusian company to the Russian oligarch.

Tatiana Manionak, a Belarusian economist, thinks that Russia is indeed interested in purchasing „Bialurskaliya” so that Kerymov’s company after the merger can become the world largest potassium producer. Manionak does not think that the loan automatically means that the Belarusian company will be sold to Russians. – So far we only know that Belarus has asked for a credit, but it’s unclear when the purchase might take place. We don’t even know what’s the market value of the Belaruskaliya. – she added.

At the beginning of his year, president Lukashenka announced that 25% of Bielaruskaliya shares are to be sold. Experts estimate that it would be worth seven to eight billion dollars.


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