Russia attempts to cut off electricity in Belarus

Russia decreased twofold electricity delivered to Belarus. Russian exporter, „Inter RAO EES“ company threatened that if Belarus does not pay her electricity bill, all the supply will be cut off. Belarus owes to the Russian company $53 million.

A representative of Inter RAO EES, Mr. Anton Nazara informed that Belarus has not paid to the electricity supplied in March and April. Ludmila Ziankovich, assistant of the Belarusian Energy Minister, confirmed that Belarus has a debt to pay for the electricity. – At this point, we have problems with buying foreign currencies in Belarus and that’s why we have trouble with settling account with RAO EES. However, we are going to solve this issue quickly and effectively – she said.

The economists think that cutting the supply by RAO ESS will not affect energy situation in Belarus, because they constitute only 10 percent of the entire use of energy in Belarus. Siarhey Chaly, an economist, thinks that the only goal of the threat is to remind Belarus that she needs to pay for the electricity.


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