Gasoline more expensive by 30%

Price of gasoline at Belarusian gas stations went up by 30% on June 7th. This has been the fourth gas prices increase this year, and a second one within last two weeks. On May 24th, prices went up by 16 to 24%, depending on the fuel type.

The price increase was a part of the government’s plan to stabilize the economy. In the document presented on Saturday, the Belarusian authorities announced „optimizing prices of the oil products in the domestic market in order to eliminate price differences between Belarus and neighboring countries“. Currently, a liter of diesel oil costs 0.71 euro, and a liter of the 95 RON gasoline is 0.81 euro.

Belarus faced fuel deficit at the gas stations recently. A numerous limitations on sales were introduced. At some gas stations only cash transactions were accepted, at others – a maximum of 25 liters of fuel was sold. Experts think that the sales of gasoline for the Belarusian domestic market does not bring any revenues. The unprofitable refineries have so far made up the losses by profits from export.


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