In Hrodna factories, workers warned about talking to Belsat journalists

In state owned factories in Hrodna department, posters warning employees about talking to Belsat TV crew appeared. The warning included photos of two camera operators, one of them no longer being Belsat contributor.

The workers were informed that people on the photos “prepare biased, untruthful materials” about situation in Belarus. They flayer further informed that Belsat correspondents hide their ties to Belsat and present themselves as a Belarusian TV reporters. – Their actions contribute to the formation of destructive information environment through the transmission and dissemination of negative testimonies: political, economic, social, war-related or international situation of Belarus; they inform on the legal status of Belarusian disparaging public authorities of Belarus, which may have consequences as provided in article. 369-1 on “Discrediting Republic of Belarus” in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

The ideological departments, present in every major factory in Belarus, are most probably responsible for disseminating the warnings.


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