KGB tackles internet social networks

An activist of a „Freedom Movement“, Dzimitriy Niefiedov was arrested in Minsk. The organization used Russian counterpart of Facebook – to stay in touch with their supporters.

Bielpan news agency reported that Freedom Movement activists called on their supporters to gather at a square in the Minsk‘ center on June 15th to protest current situation in Belarus. They encouraged people to just stroll around, with no banners nor chanting, and launch through their presence „social network revolution“.

On June 3rd, KGB knocked on doors to Niefiedov’s apartment with a search warrant. After the house revision, KGB officers wrote a protocol accusing the activist of cursing them. As a result Niefiedov was taken to an arrest, where he was kept over the weekend.

Also, recently KGB conducted another action targeting users of On June 4th, KGB arrested Siarhey Pavlukyevich, who was an admin of the „March of millions“ website, which called on Lukashenka „an illegal president“ to step down. The officers confiscated his computer and deleted a group which had 120 thousand members.


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