Night intruders awarded by the police

Ministry of the Interior Affairs wants to award three young people, who on May 29th, in the middle of the night entered a supposedly highly secured Minsk metro station, recorded a video of the excursion and posted it online.

The video provoked Lukashenka’s reaction. He castigated police and announced that law enforcement and security officers will lose their jobs. So far, Mikalai Andreyev was sacked from his posted of the director of Minsk metro system. Andreyev was fired, because presidential order to strengthen security in metro stations after April 11th attack, was in Lukashenka’s opinion ignored.

– We want to show them our gratefulness, because they pointed to the weakness of our system of metro protection. They presented civic attitude, not only by recording it, but also calling on police officers. – said Alek Piakarski, a deputy-minister of the interior affairs, quoted by the Belpan news agency.

Minister also addressed two incidents with the police, both recorded and posted in the Internet. One movie shows two policemen brutally beating a man who stood up for a fare dodging student. The second clip shows police using tear gas against soccer fans during a game in Bobruisk. Piakarski informed both situations are investigated.


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