Ales Mikhalevich wanted by Interpol

Upon the Belarus’ motion, Interpol issued international arrest warrant for the former presidential candidate, Ales Mikhalevich. Mr. Mikhalevich escaped Belarus in April and sought asylum in Czech Republic. Ales Lukashevich, a close co-worker of the dissident, informed about the arrest warrant.

– Ales Mikhalevich had to report to the Czech’s prosecutor office. As a political refugee, he will not be extradited to Belarus. A summon to the prosecutor is just a part of a legal procedure – said Lukashevich.

Mikhalevich was invited to speak at a Warsaw conference on the economic situation in Belarus. He was unable to participate in the event, because he had to report to the prosecutor on the same day.

Mikhalevich left Belarus on March 14th, after giving a public testimony on being tortured in KGB arrest.


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