New treason charges against journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn confirmed

Hrodna journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn has been charged under Article 356 part 1 of the Criminal Code (“Treason against the State”). Under this article, he could face 7 to 15 years.

The information about the new article was in the official answer of the KGB office of the Hrodna region, sent to Ivashyn’s wife, Volha. The letter was dated October 21.

The letter from the KGB office in the Hrodna region with charges of Dzyanis Ivashyn. Photo: Volha Ivashyna / Facebook

Also, his wife, Volha Ivashyna, wrote on Facebook on October 25 that her husband was still in the punishment cell, where he had been kept for a week. A special commission extended the punishment for another week.

It is unknown what violations led to the disciplinary cell, but his wife said that the number of violations and the severity of punishments for them surprised even Ivashyn’s cellmates.

The journalist was detained over the suspicion that he was interfering with the work of the internal affairs bodies (Article 365 of the Criminal Code). This article provides a punishment of a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 years. The day before, Dzyanis published in “Novy Chas” an extensive investigation about the former fighters of the special unit “Berkut,” who served Lukashenka’s regime in Belarus.