EP President David Sassoli calls for sanctions against Russia on back of crisis in Belarus

Photo: europarl.europa.eu

Following the imposition of sanctions on Belarus, the European Union should consider taking further measures against Russia, the German media outlet t-online quotes David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament.

He called for ratcheting up sanctions against the Russian Federation on the back of the dire political crisis in Belarus.

“We need to tighten sanctions against Russian officials, but at the same time, we should establish closer contacts with [Russia’s] citizens and civil society and support Russian dissidents, NGOs, and independent media,” he said.

Sassoli described the current EU-Russia relations as ‘very tense’, referring to the poisoning and imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the war in eastern Ukraine.

The EP President also stressed the need of using all the best efforts to release the detained blogger Raman Pratasevich from custody. According to him, photos of Pratasevich must be ‘exhibited at all EU airports and in the European Parliament’.

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