Criminal case launched against cyclist for T-shirt

Kanstantsin Syamyonau. Photo: Vyasna.

The case was launched over a T-shirt print, reports HRC Vyasna. According to the investigation, the print insults the president.

Kanstantsin Syamyonau was detained on 16 May at the Tsnianka reservoir in Minsk. Then he was arrested for 15 days for the inscription “Dictator has a place in hell” and a portrait of a man who resembles Lukashenka. Now he faces up to two years of imprisonment.

On the evening of 16 May, several cyclists who were going to participate in the ‘Tour de Tsna’ tour were detained at the Tsnyanka water reservoir in Minsk. The detainees are accused of “participation in an unsanctioned mass event by shouting the slogan “Zhyve Belarus” (Long Live Belarus). As a result, all the cyclists were charged under Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code and sentenced to 10-15 days in jail.