‘Participating in protests’: Minsk court fines man who delivered McDonalds food

Last week, OMON riot police grabbed Alyaksandr, a delivery man at Menu.by, not far from Pushkinskaya metro station in Minsk.On that day, he was about to bring the ordered food products to customers, but the court has taken heed of the version that the defendant participated in an unauthorised rally.

On March 27, Alyaksandr went out of one of McDonald’s restaurants in the Belarusian capital city, he was carrying an order. However, riot policemen detained the guy and drove him to the notorious detention centre on Akrestsin Street, where he had to spend the weekend awaiting his trial.

During the hearing of the case, his defence lawyer presented the documents confirming that Alyaksandr really works for Menu.by and stating that at the time of detention, the man was at work and had a food order on him. But despite this, the court found him guilty under Art. 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Offences and imposed a fine of 1,740 rubles on him, TUT.BY reports.

The policemen who drew a protocol on Alyaksandr claim that the delivery man was near a group of people holding white-red-white flags. According to them, he clapped his hands and raised them up. Notably, the protocol reads that Alyaksandr had a bag, a payment machine, a mobile phone, money, a student ticket, a travel card and other things, but it does not contain any mention of the food products he was delivering.

Belarusians arrested on flimsy pretexts as lawfulness persists in the country