As many as 169 people detained in Minsk, including Swiss journalist

According to volunteer telegram channel “Lists of detainees,” at least 169 people were detained in Minsk on January 31.

According to blogger Anton Matolka, the day before, the possibility of a protest rally on Independence Avenue in Minsk was discussed in private telegram chats. Apparently, there were point detentions in the center of the capital. Eyewitnesses said that police officers were picking up ordinary passers-by near “Kastrychnitskaya” metro station.

According to HRC “Viasna”, Swiss journalist Luzia Tschirky was detained. Anisia Hurskaya (Kazliuk) and her husband Yuliy Iliushenka were detained together with her. Luzia managed to report that she was detained in the city center. She was later released around 17:00.

It is also reported that Antanina Akudovich, Alyaksandra Biahanskaya and Dzmitri Maretski were also detained. The detained man is kept in the Maskouski police department.