Journalist Iryna Slaunikava arrested at airport

Belsat-linked journalist Iryna Slaunikava and her husband Alyaksandr Loyka were returning from Egypt to Minsk on the night of October 30. The plane took off at 2 am. Iryna wrote to her father when she and her husband boarded the plane from Egypt.

Iryna Slaunikava. Photo: Belsat

At 4 am, her father went to meet Irina at the airport in Minsk, but he never saw her and her husband. When he started to ask the border guards and customs officers, he was told that there was no one left. All who had arrived had already left.


Iryna’s father was going to file a missing person report about the disappearance of his daughter and son-in-law to the Minsk police when the officer on duty told him that they had been arrested for an administrative offense.

According to the official information, they are currently held in the Akrestsin Street jail.