Up to 6.5 years in jail: 14 defendants in Pinsk protesters’ case get heavy sentences

Trial of Pinsk protesters. Brest, 30 April 2021. Photo: МХ / Belsat

The so-called Pinsk case has been considered in Maskouski district court of Brest since March, 23.

14 political prisoners were accused of participation in the riots (Part 2 Article 293 of the Criminal Code) on August 9-10 in the town of Pinsk (Brest region). During those days, there were violent clashes between protesters and security forces: people blocked the building of the executive committee and demanded a fair vote count.

On April 14, public prosecutors Daineka and Lyashok asked the court to impose the following sentences on the defendants: from five and a half to six and a half years in a penal colony.

In addition, dozens of local police officers and officials were seeking to receive about 530 thousand rubles for their moral suffering, as they ‘experienced fear, humiliation, pain and shame, they lost sleep, calmness and appetite because of the events, and they felt and still feel anxiety’.

Trial of Pinsk protesters. Brest, 30 April 2021. Photo: МХ / Belsat

Today the trial has come to ints end; judge Yauhen Brehan has taken heed of the prosecution’s demand.

36-year-old Raman Bahnavets, 20-year-old Daniil Bohnat, 31-year-old Ryhor Hunko, 43-year-old Stanislau Mikhaylau, 28-year-old Syarhei Lyazhenka, 35-year-old Vyachaslau Rahashchuk, 37-year-old Ihar Salavey, 32-year-old Artur Khalimonchyk got 6 years in a medium security penal colony; 42-year-old Syarhei Maushuk, 35-year-old Alyaksandr Tsyareshka – 6.5 years in a maximum security penal colony, 20-year-old David Mastsitski, 19-year-old Aleh Rubets, 20-year-old Vyachaslau Shalyamet – 5.5 years in a medium security penal colony, 44-year-old Alena Maushuk – 6 years in a minimum security penal colony.

The court has also compelled the convicts to cover pecuniary losses (24,000 rubles) incurred to several agencies and enterprises; the police will get 19,000 of the above sum. Moreover, about 150,000 rubles will be collected in favour of 93 victims to pay for their ‘emotional distress’, Tut.by reports.

Almost all the defendants ( except for Bohnat, Salavey, Mikhaylau) pleaded partially guilty. Some of them explain that they were not going to injure the policemen, they were just knocking on the shields; others questioned the prosecution’s version regarding the number of blows given. They did not admit either to having a deliberate intention or criminally conspiring.

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