Deputy Interior Minister threatens political opposition

In a recent interview with state propagandist Ryhor Azaronak, Deputy Interior Minister Mikalai Karpyankou said that the opposition “crossed the red line.” He promised to fight them by the rules of “anti-terrorist operations.” Karpyankov also threatened the families of the opposition activists.

The former head of the anti-terrorist agency, Mikalai Karpyankou, said that “the opposition has recently radicalized.” “They look more and more like rabid dogs preparing an armed coup in their radical, bloody plans, preparing murders, kidnappings,” said Deputy Minister.

“I will say this: as they have outlawed themselves with all this, they have crossed the red line. We are not retaliating against anyone, we are not threatening anyone, we are not settling scores, but at the same time, we are warning them: the line has been crossed, and they are now on a par with international terrorists in their plant and their actions.

We have special anti-terrorist units and fighters assigned to fight international terrorists. We are ready to carry out the task of suppressing these groups and their followers, who are still at large. They don’t understand that by crossing the line and being on a par with international terrorists, that someone will fight with them under the Criminal Code or the Criminal Procedure Code.”

Mikalai Karpyankou during the dispersal of a peaceful protest on September 23, 2020. Photo: Alisa Hanchar /

When ar on terror is declared, counter-terrorist operations come into action. And they are fought according to the laws of counterterrorism operations and according to the laws of professionals.

That means that the fight against them will be carried out the way the Israeli units carry out the fight against their terrorists; the fight against them will be carried out the way the most humane state carried out the fight against Osama bin Laden and his followers.

We are ready to act. As soon as we get the order, we will find and destroy them, wherever they are. We will make the world a freer place and the Republic of Belarus a more secure place.

We remind our brazen bloodthirsty opposition that we know them all. We know where they are, who they communicate with, what their property is, where their families are. They are very fond of reminding us of our families and planning all their threats against us through our wives and children. I’m not insinuating anything, but if an order comes in or any of them do anything to the head of state, to members of his family, to law enforcement officers, to the wives and children of our employees, our reaction will be immediate, and the blow will be crushing. And it will be symmetrical in absolutely all the plans and plots that the opposition had. We will find them, and we will destroy them.”