Another hearing of ’round dance’ case held in Brest

The so-called “round dance” case hearings continue in Brest. It is already a third hearing, where 14 more people are standing trial.

The prosecution has made public the punishment it seeks.

Pensioner Alena Hnauk in court in the “round dance” case. Photo: Belsat

Alena Hnauk, Maryia Skakavets, and Vasil Charnetski have been sentenced to 2 years of freedom restriction at home. The Russian citizen Danila Chemodanov (the only one of the participants in the trial in custody) was sentenced to a year in the minimum security penal colony.

The prosecution sought for Syarhei Naliuka, Kiryll Luda, Uladzislau Navitski, and Radzivon Kandratsyuk two years of freedom restriction, for mother and daughter Alena and Viktoryia Lyskovich – a year and a half of freedom restriction, for Yuri Chubyrka, Valyantsina Zhukouskaya, and Lyudmila Lutskaya – a year and a half of freedom restriction at home.

On 27 April, judge Beraziuk of the regional court did not satisfy the complaint of the second defendant in the “roundhouse” case. Thus, the decision of Leninski district judge Shuryn remained unchanged.

He sentenced Dzmitry Bunevich and Alyaksei Artsitski to 1 year and 8 months in a penal colony with a general regime. Dzmitry Abramuk and Pavel Brukh received two years of home freedom restriction. Alyaksei Baranouski, Dzmitry Kachurka, and Uladzimir Talatynik were sentenced to 1.5 years of home freedom restriction. In comparison, Henadz Misyuta received 1.5 years of freedom restriction.

The court case concerns September 13, 2020, when another protest action was held in Brest. Several hundred people formed a round dance. There was music and a festival, like a carnival, as witnesses recall those events.

Police brought a water cannon to disperse the round dance. It was used for the first time during the protests in Belarus. Since then, Brest residents have called this intersection a water cannon.

A few weeks later, a criminal case under Article 342 of the Criminal Code (“Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order”) was opened.