One person dead and another in intensive care following explosion at Belorusneft

On November 27, there was an explosion at Belorusneft, reports the blog “Reflection.”

According to the sister of the deceased, Uladzimir Tsaluika was a drilling assistant. He was 33 and had a wife and a two-year-old daughter. The sister says that the deceased was a very responsible person who always gave much attention to his family, helped his mother, and worked two jobs to provide for his wife and daughter.

Last night, Uladzimir came to his workplace. At 23:20, there was an explosion in the plant. Uladzimir Tsaluika died. According to his sister, he lost half of his face. The cause of the hydro-compensator explosion was allegedly an increase in the unit pressure. Investigators are working to determine the causes of the incident.

The second worker is now in the intensive care unit in a serious condition. His legs were damaged.