Own source: Man dies of COVID-19 after serving term for having white-red-white flag on balcony

Belsat TV got information about about the death of another protester.

We know his the name and surname of the deceased, but due to the reluctance of his family and friends, we cannot reveal the personal data. However, due to the public importance of the story, it has been decided to publish it.

Now it’s official: Hanging out white-red-white flags considered as holding mass events

According to our information, the man was detained in early September; the reason was his placing the white-red-white flag on the balcony. (The incumbent authorities are infamous for fining or arresting Belarusians who have or show symbols in ‘protest’ colours). He was put into the detention centre on Akrestsin Street in Minsk, where the detainee got COVID-19. Nine days later, he was taken to hospital. Unfortunately, the man passed away. The funeral took place last week.

It is not the first such case that has happened in Belarus over the past year. In December 2020, Syarhei Shchatsinka, a 57-year-old resident of the town of Asipovichy (Mahiliou region), died after two-week battling the coronavirus infection which he might have contracted in the remand prison. A month before, the man was found guilty of participating in an unauthorised mass event (Art. 23.34 of the Code of Administrarive Offences) and semtenced to 10 days in jail.

It cannot be ruled out that the real number of deaths among those who caught COVID-19 in ‘Akrestsin’ and other detention facilities is higher.

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