Minsk: Journo Hlafira Zhuk expelled from university after serving 30-day jail term

According to one of Telegram channels administered by students, Hlafira Zhuk, a reporter at the Narodnaya Volya newspaper, has been expelled from the Belarusian State University’s School of Journalism.

The official reason is the third-year student’s failure to pass the examination session. However, the girl did not even have a chance to take her exams, since she spent the session period behind bars.

In May, Hlafira Zhuk was covering the high-profile students’ case for Narodnaya Volya. The journalist was detained on May 29 when she came to a beauty salon.

She was accused of taking part in an unauthorised picket (Article 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Offences) and sentenced to 30 days in jail. When being in custody, the girl was not allowed to bathe during those thirty days. Sometimes the prison authorities failed to hand over food parcels from relatives to her; the girl was only once taken to the prison yard when there was a wave of violent heat in Belarus and it was + 43 degrees Celsius in the cell.

Hlafira had to celebrate her 20th birthday in the detention centre.

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