Moscow: Protesters detained near Belarus embassy on Sunday

Protesters and police at Belarusian embassy in Moscow. 13 August 2020. Photo: Georgy Malets / Vot tak TV / Белсат

The local police detained nine persons near the Belarusian embassy in Moscow on Sunday evening, OVD-Info reports.

On March 28, people gathered at the building of the Belarusian embassy in the Russian capital city, ​where protest rallies have been taking place since August, 2020. But police officers forced them to get in a paddy wagon and took them to Basmanny district police department. Among the detainees there was was a minor.

After a while, each of them was released; the policemen conducted a ‘preventive conversation with them, protocols were not drawn upon the protesters.

On March 24, the police detained five Belarusians In St. Petersburg over a video appeal they filmed in support of their compatriots. Two days later, they were sentenced to administrative arrest. Another two persons who appeared in the video were framed on March, 28.

Almost 250 people detained nationwide on March 27