‘Cyber partisans’ post audio recording of controversial conversation between police officers

“Cyber partisans” have posted another audio recording of a conversation between police officers. According to the hackers, this is a conversation between the First Deputy Head of Internal Affairs of Minsk city executive committee, Vital Kazlou, and Deputy Head of the Internal Affairs Department of Brest voblast executive committee, Alyaksandr Kisel, which took place on August 11 last year.

In the audio recording, one can hear a conversation of people with voices similar to those of Vital Kazlou and Alyaksandr Kisel.

The audio recording was made on August 11, 2020.

“We are ina have a f***ing mess here in Brest. The avenue has been blocked by maybe three thousand people…On the first day we were beating them in groups, but yesterday everything was so well organized. Specifically, 50 people came first on one side, then on the other side they, they were trying to loosen us, to stretch,” said a man with a voice similar to Kisel.

The Brest policeman also talks about the order to beat people up.

“The more of these f**ers to go to the hospital, the better. Beat them there, all of them, like cats. Of course, we have the commander of the special operation force, Dznisenka. Anyway, the president called him in that f**king office. Well, the order was very tough. There was a very tough f**king order,” presumably said deputy chief of the Brest Regional Department of Internal Affairs Alyaksandr Kisel.

He also spoke about the events in Pinsk.

“Well, in Pinsk, of course, on the first day there was already quite f***ing tough. Well, they did not expect anything there. In general, all was quiet and calm. But now there are 18 injured policemen, 8 are in hospital”.

The first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee Vital Kazlou spoke in a similar way, using explicit language.