Former state TV journalist still in jail as her brain tumor grows

The journalist has been living on painkillers for the past few months, as the tumor in the brain has been growing, writes “Nasha Niva.” In addition, Ksenia is facing new charges.

Ksenia Lutskina. Photo: Ksenia Lutskina / Facebook

Ksenia Lutskina has been behind bars for eight months now. She was detained along with other defendants in the “Press Club” case. Like the others, the journalist was accused of not paying taxes on a particularly large scale. But after that the case was closed, a new one was started, still unclear which one. The lawyer is under a non-disclosure pledge.

Ksenia Lutskina is the only one among those detained in the “Press Club” case who still remains behind bars. According to “Nasha Niva”, the journalist was not released, because she refused to write a petition for clemency.

The father of the journalist said that the Investigative Committee has denied him three times to see his daughter, whose health has deteriorated badly. Ksenia has a tumor in her brain, which she had managed to keep under control for a long time.

In 2012, the journalist underwent complex brain surgery – a tumor was removed. There was still one left; it could not be cut out.

“She was in feeling fine, had a check-up every year. But over several months in prison, the tumor had significant growth. She had an MRI twice, in May and July. The results show that the tumor has grown. She needs professional medical advice, we want her to be taken to the center for neurology and neurosurgery to understand what to do next,” says Ksenia’s father Aleg Lutskin. “Ksenia is on bed rest until September 1. She has severe headaches and she has to take painkillers all the time. I bring her pills every Monday.”

Ksenia has worked for BT for 15 years. She made documentaries and historical reports, on World War II and the Chernobyl disaster.

In August 2020, the journalist quit her job at BT and wanted to start an alternative channel. She joined the Coordinating Council, where she was in charge of press relations.

Ksenia Lutskina has an 11-year-old son at home.

You can write to Kseniya at: 2 Valadarski St., Minsk, 220030. SIZO #1.