First patient with Delta coronavirus strain dies in Kyiv

The man who died returned to Ukraine from Russia as part of a group of four people.

In total, there were six people with the Delta strain in Aleksandrovsk hospital, the director of the medical institution Lyudmila Antonenko said on air of the TV channel “Kyiv.” In all patients, the strain of Delta was confirmed by lab tests. The age of the patients is 30-40 years.

The appearance of the Delta strain in Belarus was first reported on June 23. At that time, 10 cases of the disease were recorded in Minsk. Later, the Indian strain of coronavirus was found in the Lida district. It is a very dangerous strain. The disease is more aggressive with it and happens faster than with other strains. The doctors state that the disease is sudden, severe, and occurs even in young people. On the 2nd or 3rd day, patients have a sharp decrease in saturation; they cannot breathe independently and need to be transferred to the intensive care unit.

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