EU economic support plan adopted. Democratic Belarus may get $10 bn from West – Tsikhanouskaya’s office

The EU Comprehensive Plan of Economic Support to democratic Belarus developed with the participation of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya and her representatives has been adopted by the European Commission, the press service reports.

The implementation of the plan will begin with the onset of democratic changes in Belarus, Tsikhanouskaya’s office stressed.

“The announced amount of funding is the first publicly announced contribution of the international community to new Belarus. At the initial stage and further on, we expect the participation of international financial institutions (primarily the IMF, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and Western governments,” the statement reads.

According to the office’s estimates, the total volume of international financing – taking into account the EU Plan, the IMF stabilisation program, assistance from the World Bank, and other IFIs – will amount to about $ 10 bn for the first three years of democratic Belarus.

The main provisions of the plan include:

  • investment package for 3 bn euros (USD 3.6 bn);
  • the share of grants (non-refundable) is estimated at USD 500 mln;
  • Belarus-EU high-level Investment Forum to showcase the opportunities for a free, democratic, open and reform oriented Belarus;
  • EU High-Level Donor Meeting to mobilise additional EU grant resources required to finance and mobilise EU expertise and investments to support the economic transition.

On the back of the high-profile international scandal caused by the Belarusian authorities’ forciby landing the Ryanairflight, French President Emmanuel Macron came up with the idea of Belarusian politicians’ appearing at the upcoming G7 summit, the office of opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya said on Tuesday.

France’s leader proposes to invite Belarus’ democratic forces to G7 summit – Tsikhanouskaya