Belarus state journalists now eligible for bodyguards and appearance change

Representatives of state-run media, who “act in the interests of the country,” may get bodyguards and get their appearance changed. Such a measure is provided by the draft law “On State Protection,” said Deputy Secretary of State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alyaksandr Rakhmanau on state TV.

Alyaksandr Rakhmanau, deputy state secretary of the Security Council of Belarus. Photo:

According to Rakhmanau, representatives of state media will also be subject to additional protective measures, which will be taken “in accordance with the established procedure by the Minister of Internal Affairs”.

“[There is]Quite a wide range of these measures, ranging from physical protection to the legend creation of their data and even a change of appearance is provided,” said Rakhmanau.

State propagandists guarded by a man in a balaclava. Photo:

According to Rakhmanau, such measures of additional protection for state journalists “will protect their health, life and property from any criminal attacks”.