Representative of Russian State Duma criticized Lukashenka

Lukashenka and Putin in Sochi. Photo:

First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin recently said on the air of the radio station “Govorit Moskva” that Russia has some problems with Belarus.

“What we cannot cope with in relations with Belarus is that we cannot realize our own potential of influence and encourage our partner to move in the direction that seems right to us. This applies to the development of bilateral relations, the Union State, the Union in general with Belarus, as well as after the well-known events, the elections on August 9, the situation inside Belarus, that is, an internal political crisis. We definitely do not want Belarus to fall out of the system of our alliances, we do not want the same thing to happen to Belarus as it happened to Ukraine, to make Belarus a problem on our European flank, on the way to Europe,” he said.

According to him, Lukashenka has never helped Russia in international conflicts.

“Everyone has long been convinced that one shouldn’t take at face value what Alexander Grigorievich promises. AS for important issues for Russia, he has never supported us in any of the conflicts we’ve had before with the West, except his own,” said Konstantin Zatulin.

On February 22, Alyaksndr Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin met again in Sochi. There is no information about the new loan, which Russia is allegedly going to help Belarus with, but they did talk about the roadmaps of integration.