Belarusian football fans to boycott matches over repressions

Fans of Brest “Dynamo”. Photo: brestfans98/instagram

Fans of two Belarusian football clubs have announced their intention to boycott the matches of their teams.

Thus, the official account of Brest “Dynamo” fans said that they refuse to return to the stands in the new season.

“Dear friends! As difficult as this decision is for us, on the eve of the upcoming season we are forced to announce that we cannot return to the stands under the current conditions. We believe it would be a sacrilege against the guys from our own and other fan movements in the country who have been repressed over the past six months on false grounds. Our thoughts are with the dead and injured members of civil society who suffered for their view and their families. We hope for understanding from the team and want them to remember the following: we have not turned away from the “Dynamo” team, we are always there,” reads the statement of the fan-sector.

Telegram channel also reported that the fan-sector of FC Neman Grodno will boycott matches because of the political situation in the country.

“Before the start of the next football season, we want to remind everyone once again. The active fan-sector will be absent at home and in foreign matches until the complete victory of the people! Good luck and patience to all! Long Live Belarus!” declared Neman fans.

The Neman FC head coach Ihar Kavalevich, club chairman Ivan Varsovich, goalkeeper coach Syarhei Shlyakhouski, team manager Dzmitry Bariseika, head coach Dzmitry Trasko, coach Vital Tarashchyk, ex-footballer and now club employee Andrey Horbach signed the pro-government letter of Belarusian athletes.