Almost 35K people ask Norwegian Yara to stop cooperation with Belaruskali

Yara. Photo: Fertilizer Daily

Almost 35 thousand people have signed a petition to the Norwegian company Yara International with a call to stop cooperation with Belaruskali.

The authors of the petition believe that Yara’s attempts to influence Belaruskali to stop violating the rights of workers and harass striking workers will not give any result.

“The company is under the complete control of the illegitimate regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and simply has no opportunity to do what is right in terms of law and ethics,” says the petition.

It notes that Belaruskali is “one of the main sources of funding for Lukashenka’s riot police and KGB and torture squads, who are responsible for the imprisonment, rape, torture and persecution of tens of thousands of people.”

“We are confident that with your support, Belarus will soon be free,” the petition’s authors write.

In January, Belaruskali publish a statement on its website that it was ready to cooperate with the Norwegian company Yara on a long-term basis “as a result of a regular dialogue”. To this end, the company’s management stated that they would cancel disciplinary sanctions against employees, and the laid-off strikers would be hired “if they submit the appropriate applications”.

But the strikers claim that such an offer is only a “screen” that is needed to sign a new contract.

Yara welcomed Belaruskali’s decision to cancel the penalties and return the fired workers to work, but expects further improvement of the situation for the workers: respect for their rights, increased occupational safety and refraining from reprisals.