Political emigree Katsya Pytleva searched again

Katsyaryna Pytleva. Photo: Facebook

On September 24, journalist and presenter of YouTube channel “Malanka Media” Katsyaryna Pytleva, was searched for the second time in a month. She wrote about it on Facebook.

“This time, they were, it seems, from the KGB; fortunately, they did not break the door down. Judging by their reaction, they did not expect to see the consequences of the previous search, they even asked in surprise, saying, “They also broke the guitar and cut the backpacks?” In general, they did not expect that someone had beaten them to it,” says Pytleva.

But, she says it emerged that she had been charged under Part 1 and 3 of Article 361 of the Criminal Code (“Public calls for seizure of power, or violent change of the constitutional system of the Republic of Belarus, or treason, or an act of terrorism or sabotage, or other actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Republic of Belarus, or the commission of other actions aimed at damaging the national security of the Republic of Belarus, or distribution of materials” and “Actions, specified in the Criminal Code of Belarus”).

The latest search of Katsyaryna Pytleva was done on September 7. At that time, she reported:

“They broke not only the door but also the door to the bedroom, even though there were no locks inside, they cut the speakers, smashed hedgehog figurines with a hammer, cut the wedding photos, gutted the vinyl collection, and scattered wheat and flour all over the apartment… Not to mention the boxes we put all our stuff in when we were leaving. So this is the regime’s revenge”.

The journalist used to cooperate with the state television and TUT.by. Now she hosts programs on YouTube-channel “Malanka Media”. The journalist has been living outside Belarus lately.