No crime committed by police during last summer’s protest, officials say

The Investigative Committee has reviewed a series of appeals regarding the misconduct of law enforcement officers during last year’s mass events. The Investigative Committee saw no grounds for criminal proceedings against the police officers, the press service of the department reports.

According to the agency’s press service, investigators have thoroughly studied the arguments of citizens who suffered from violence by law enforcers during the protests last year. However, the investigators admit that the law enforcers used physical force. But such measures were taken in accordance with the law, the agency says. Physical violence and bullying, according to the IC, were proportional to the circumstances and “used with the intent to cause the slightest harm.”

Minsk, Belarus. August 9, 2020. Photo: AB / /

“The statements disseminated by certain Telegram channels, subsequently recognized as extremist, about the alleged abuse of power, expressed in torture, sexual abuse, have not found their objective confirmation, including from the explanations of the applicants themselves,” the IC reports.

The IC also reports that 680 citizens filed complaints of violence and torture by law enforcers. But, according to investigators, these applications were filed to help applicants leave for the EU countries:

“The documented appeals were used as a fictitious tool to obtain “political asylum” in other countries.”

A mark left by a truncheon. Photo: hero’s archive
A mark from a bullet. Photo: hero’s archive

Based on the results of the inspection, the Investigative Committee chose not to institute criminal proceedings.

Earlier Lukashenka had suggested turning over the “page of beatings” of citizens, and later he denied the fact of violence in the streets at all. According to him, people marked themselves with paint.

At the same time, the “Cyber partisans” posted online records of conversations with police officers, who spoke about the order to brutally beat citizens who took to the streets to protest election rigging.