Dispatcher who communicated with Ryanair pilot in May leaves Belarus

According to information that “Nasha Niva” journalists received from several dispatchers of Belaeronavigatsia, dispatcher Oleg Galegov, who supposedly communicated with the pilot of Ryanair flight Athens-Vilnius with blogger Raman Pratasevich on board, has left Belarus together with his family.

He has not been at work since early June. Belaeronavigatsia stated that he’d been on vacation since then.

The story about Oleg Galegov and his wife was shown on Belarusian TV in 2017. Photo: nashaniva / Telegram

He had worked at Belaeronavigatsiya since at least 2010. In early July, he was supposed to go on shift after vacation, his name was on the duty roster, but his colleagues never saw him.

Journalists have not reached Galegov, who lived in Minsk with his family, via his landline phone for several days. Some of the dispatcher’s colleagues suggested that he had gone to relatives in Georgia: the man is an ethnic Georgian who moved to Belarus and married a Belarusian woman.

“Personally, I haven’t seen Oleg for a long time. There are rumors that he disappeared. Colleagues cannot contact him and are upset: it is impossible to reach him and he has deleted his social network accounts. The bosses didn’t tell us anything officially. But I am not really worried about him, because I think he simply played it safe and left. He is a well-qualified worker, he can find a job without any problems in any country. The voice on the recording made public by the Ryanair incident is his,” said his colleague.

Deputy General Director of Belaeronavigatsia Ivan Herlouski has also commented on this information. At first, he said that Galegov had been on vacation since June, and he knew nothing about his disappearance or dismissal. Still, after a question about why the organization had such long vacations, Herlouski said that Galegov was supposedly staying with his mother-in-law at the time.

There is no way to get in touch with Oleg: his cell phone is off, social network accounts have been deleted. There is only an Instagram, where the nickname was completely changed, almost all subscribers were deleted, and the closed profile has no avatar. There is a similar situation with his wife.

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