Woman who came to Viktar Babaryka’s trial arrested for 15 days

Tatsyana Petrukovich, 58, was detained before the trial against Viktar Babaryka on June 24. Police found WRW stickers in the woman’s bag, reported human rights activists.

A queue near the Moscow court of those wishing to get to the trial in the case of Viktar Babaryka. June 24, 2021. Minsk, Belarus. Photo: vybory_smotri / Telegram

The police detained the woman and took her to Maskouski District Police Department. There she was charged with disorderly conduct under Article 19.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences.

The next day the judge of Maskouski District Court, Tatsyana Motyl, considered the woman’s case. According to the protocol, during a preventive conversation, “she shouted, waved her hands, used foul language, jumped from her chair, did not respond to the comments to stop the unlawful actions.” According to human rights activists, Tatsyana denies it in tears, saying she has “never even swore in her life.”

“I was in the police department, where I was brought for a preventive conversation, and it was impossible for me to be swearing or jumping up because the only thing I was doing was crying. They did not draw up a report, but only issued a warning that the conversation had already taken place, which I signed, and then it started,” Tatsyana explained to the judge.

During the interview, the police officers asked the woman whether she “knew the state’s policy and what the WRW flag was.” The witness Ivan Ivanavich Ivanou stated at the trial that “Petrukovich had destructive behavior, she was getting up from her chair.”

In court, Tatsyana said she didn’t read the report because she wasn’t given glasses, despite repeated requests.

As a result, Judge Motyl considered Tatsyana’s guilt fully proven and punished her with 15 days of arrest.