Belarusians arrested on flimsy pretexts as lawfulness persists in the country

Photo: Euroradio. Sample photo

Svyatlana Charnyauskaya, 54, was convicted in a Minsk court for “picketing by placing a sticker with the Chase emblem on the trunk of the car that gave her a lift,” Radio Liberty reports.

Svyatlana Charniauskaya was arrested the other day for 12 days. At the hearing, the woman explained that she had been given a lift by an acquaintance. When she got in the car, she did not see any sticker.

There were four other people in the car. The traffic policemen stopped the car near the Philharmonic Hall and took everyone to the police department for identification. There Svyatlana was charged under Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code.

15 days in jail for picketing in WRW socks

Recently, Judge of a Minsk court Alyaksandr Vouk sentenced 27-year-old Krystsina Malashevich to 15 days for picketing in certain socks. She was detained on 25 March near a cinema.

This exact reason was indicated in the police report under part 1 of article 24.23 of the Administrative Code.

A cyclist was arrested for 12 days for having a “Drakon zmaharych” sticker

Detention of a cyclist with a “Drakon zmaharych” sticker. Photo: HRC Viasna

The detention of 52-year-old Viktar Mikhailouski was recorded by eyewitnesses. According to the report filed in a Minsk police department, the man was “picketing by means of WRW stickers on a bicycle with the image of a three-headed dragon and the inscription ‘Drakon Zmaharych,'” reports the HRC Viasna.

Judge Svyatlana Charapovich wondered where Viktar Mikhailouski was and why he was riding his bike in the center of the city. As a result she sentenced the man to 12 days of arrest under Article 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Infringements.

The mother of an underage child was illegally held overnight in jail and sentenced to a large fine

A Minsk court recently heard the case of Alena Bartseneva, mother of a 6-year-old child. The day before, she was detained on Kastrychnitskaya Square and taken to Zavodski district police department. The police filed a report for participation in an unauthorized action under part 1 of Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code. But the policemen weren’t even going to let the mother of the minor child out and said that “there is no law allowing for that”. Svyatlana was left in jail overnight.

Judge Dzmitry Astapenka was very surprised when he learned that the woman had not been released after three hours of detention. However, this did not prevent him from sentencing Alena to a fine of 100 basic units (2,900 BYN). The woman pleaded not guilty.