MP Savinykh to Belarusian IT specialists: either work for Belarusian economy or leave

Member of the House of Representatives Andrei Savinykh recently spoke about the prospects of the IT sector in our country at a round table set at Sputnik Belarus, dedicated to the sanctions against Belarus and the way out of the economic crisis. According to the official, the IT specialists and firms that will not start working in the Belarusian market will be forced to leave.

According to Andrei Savinykh, the Hi-Tech Park will soon face the choice caused by geopolitical processes, namely the division of the world into macro-regions with their own economic laws and rules. Such a division, the official believes, will rule out the possibility in the future of creating an IT product, especially a high-tech and strategic one, in one macro-region and selling it in another — it will be forbidden for security reasons.

“This means that the part of the IT sector in Belarus that works for the American market will have to reorient to our market or leave,” Savinykh writes on his website. Savin wrote on his website, “Why? Because it won’t be possible to work for the American market in five years.”

According to the official, it will be the U.S. government, not Belarus, that will ban people from working in Belarus.

“IT specialists should clearly understand: either they find a niche here and start working for their own industry and economy, or pack their bags and move closer to the place of their customers and consumers,” said the MP. “This is not a political reality, but an economic one.”

Belarusian IT specialists began to leave Belarus after the elections in 2020 actively. Poland alone has issued more than 10 thousand visas to Belarusian programmers and their families from September 2020 to May 2021. Both individual specialists and entire companies are leaving.