MAZ promises ‘business as usual’ in Ukraine despite extra duty

MAZ has published a press release after Ukrainian authorities introduced a special duty on imports of buses, trucks, and special vehicles from Belarus in the amount of 35% of the cost starting from May.

The press release notes that MAZ continues its work on the Ukrainian market in “normal mode.”

“Deliveries of MAZ machinery to Ukraine, including passenger vehicles, will continue after May 1 in full volume and within the specified terms.”

It is emphasized that Trade House “MAZ-Ukraine” continues to operate and to fulfill all its obligations to the customers:

“We want to emphasize that all clients of MAZ-Ukraine Trading House will receive reliable and comfortable MAZ trucks according to the agreed amount and on time”.

The company claims that the Ukrainian market is one of the strategically important markets for MAZ.

This week the Interdepartmental Commission for International Trade decided to impose a special duty of 35%. The decision takes effect in May. It was noted that the special duty was imposed due to “facts of discriminatory and unfriendly actions on the part of the Republic of Belarus regarding the legal rights and interests of the subjects of foreign economic activity of Ukraine.”