Husband of jailed Belarusian journalist Andreyeva not allowed to visit her

The photo shows Ihar Ilyash, the husband of Katsyaryna Andreyeva. Minsk, Belarus. Photo: AV / Belsat

Katsyaryna Andreyeva’s husband, Ihar Illyash, was not allowed to meet his wife. The authorities referred to a strange restriction.

“Associates are not allowed to see each other on the same day,” said an employee of the Zhodzina prison who accepted Ihar’s application for a visit.

“The problem is that Dasha Chultsova’s mother applied yesterday before me. And the relatives of the defendants in the same criminal case can’t have a meeting on the same day,” said Ihar.

Now Dasha’s mother is waiting in line to see her daughter.

“I have not heard of such restrictions before. It seems to be some kind of know-how of the Zhodzina prison. The denial of a visit seems to me absolutely unreasonable, and the reasoning makes no sense,” said Illyash.