Law enforcers detain 12 people over suspected participation in mass riots

The Minsk office of the Investigative Committee has completed the investigation into the criminal case against 12 people suspected of preparing to participate in the riots, as well as to destroy and damage property by commonly dangerous means.

The Investigative Committee reports that the accused decided to participate in the riots, while planning to set fire to “Tabakerka” kiosks, to damage the cars and public offices of law enforcement agencies, as well as to use armed resistance to the authorities.

Two revolvers, more than 100 cartridges, metal bars, rods, pneumatic guns and rifles, knives, radios, and at least 130 liters of flammable liquid were found in the garages of the accused.

Investigators also report that the defendants had previously been held administratively liable. The average age of the defendants is 32 years old, the youngest being 19 years, and the oldest – 51 years. Materials of the case have already gone to court.