Brest battery plant starts working as locals feel deceived by authorities

Battery plant in Brest. Photo:

On March 24, a group of opponents to the battery plant near Brest met with officials, in particular, with the leadership of Brest District Executive Committee and the Regional Council of Deputies.

The meetings gave no result, the officials said that there were no grounds for the referendum and that it was inexpedient, even though during his visit to Brest last summer, Alyaksandr Lukashenka promised that the fate of the plant would be determined by the citizens of the region at a local referendum.

“In December last year, officials decided to launch the battery plant and ignore the opinion of Brest citizens and residents of Brest Region, and since March 13, the hazardous enterprise has been virtually and legally operating. But the plant’s opponents do not stop their work,” human rights activist Raman Kislyak told Belsat.

For almost three years people have been protesting against the construction of a battery plant, and after the presidential elections this protest was virtually crushed. But the activists do not give up hope to stop the work of what they see as a harmful enterprise.