Protests against IKEA’s cooperation with Belarusian regime held in Sweden

A protest was recently held against the company’s cooperation with the illegitimate regime of Belarus in Stockholm’s Kungens Kurva district near the IKEA store.

Protest outside the IKEA store in Stockholm on October 23. Photo: Belsat readers

As the Belsat readership reports, on October 23rd, our compatriots and caring citizens came out to the IKEA offices and stores all over Europe.

“All together we stood up against the illegitimate authorities thoughtlessly cutting down and selling our forest, while European consumers put their money in the pockets of the last dictator of Europe when they buy products made in Belarus, or made of Belarusian wood,” say the readers of Belsat.

At the end of 2020, IKEA Global Supply Manager Henrik Elm said that the company would continue to buy timber from Belarus despite human rights violations. “So far, our assessment is that the most responsible thing is to stay in the country,” he told a Swedish newspaper at the time.

Now Belarus is the fifth-largest supplier of timber to the company in the world. Thus, in 2020, 7% of all wood for IKEA came from Belarus.