Belarusian army supplying medical oxygen to hospitals

The Armed Forces of Belarus now deliver oxygen from airbases and air defense troops, which have the appropriate equipment, according to the telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense.

It is reported that if necessary, the uninterrupted operation of hospitals will be ensured by additional measures.

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Uladzimir Lazouski, head of the technical gas supply unit at the Air Force and Air Defense Base, said that about 25 thousand liters of liquid oxygen are produced per working shift.

“The process is actually quite time-consuming. It is difficult because the oxygen content in the atmospheric air is minimal, and its boiling point must be -183 ° C. There is a lot of equipment involved. We extract only medical oxygen, so it has a high percentage. And there is technical oxygen, which has a completely different percentage and is correspondingly lower. We use only medical oxygen of at least 99.5% purity for breathing,” added Mr. Lazouski.

On October 23rd, Health Minister Dzmitry Pinevich spoke about medical oxygen for hospitals: “The main enterprise that produces oxygen for us, “Creon”, is helped by others. So I hope we’ll manage,” he said.