Detained employees of Hrodna Azot put in KGB jail

Six employees of Hrodna Azot remain in custody, reports Radio Liberty. They have received parcels, some of them have seen a lawyer.

The workers who joined the strike during the year were arrested at Hrodna Azot from September 19 to 23.

Four workers were released after detention. They are Ryhor and Artsiom Rubany, Dzmitry Ilyuschanka and Alyaksei Sidar. They are under a nondisclosure pledge.

Among those detained are:

  1. Syarhei Shelest, a former worker of the ‘Ammiak 3’ shop;
  2. Andrei Paheryla, former repair mechanic of ‘Ammiak 3’ shop;
  3. Uladzimir Zhurauka, former GPU operator of ‘Ammiak 3’ shop;
  4. Andrei Bashan, a worker of ‘Ammiak 3’ shop;
  5. Valyantsin Tseranevich, assistant foreman at “Khimvolokno” plant (part of “Hrodna Azot”), deputy chairman of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union of “Hrodna Azot”;
  6. Vadzim Yafimenka, an employee of Khimvolokno.
Syarhei Shelest. Photo: Radio Liberty

According to Radio Liberty’s source from “Azot,” all have been transferred to the KGB detention center. Now they are signing agreements with lawyers, who are under a nondisclosure pledge. Relatives of the detainees went to Minsk to deliver the parcels to the detainees.

No charges have been filed so far. The reason for the detention is unknown.

Hrodna Azot workers on strike at the plant. Hrodna, Belarus. August 19, 2020. Photo: VM / Belsat

Along with Hrodna Azot workers, employees of the BMZ in Zhlobin Alyaksandr Hashnikau, Dzmitry Yeliseyeu, and Svyatlana Zyl (a former employee), employees of the Belarusian Railroad Hanna Ablab and Syarhei Duba, and MTZ worker Dzmitry Kolbik were detained. Almost all of them are now in the KGB prison except for Yeliseyeu. He is in the detention center of Homiel, while Kolbik is at “Valadarka.”