#NoGrantForDictator: Belarusians protest against IMF’s allocating nearly $1 bn to Minsk

On August 23, the decision by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) came into effect; in accordance with it, the organisation is ready to allocate about $950 mln of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) funds to Belarus as part of a program to help countries worldwide combat the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Belarusian diaspora protesting against IMF’s decision. Photo: Маsha Zabara / Facebook

The representatives of the Belarusian diaspora have been staging rallies near the IMF offices around the world. Belarusians protested in the United States, Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Italy and other countries. It took the unindifferent Belarusians just 24 hours to roll out this protest campaign, opposition politician Pavel Latushka said. The flash mob #NoGrantForDictator was launched by Belarusian Masha Zabara who lives in the USA. She had held a one-person picket near the IMF office in Washington before the decision took effect.

Tsikhanouskaya eager to block Lukashenka’s regime’s access to IMF funds

By dint of their synchronous protesting, the Belarusians are trying to assert influence over the IMF leadership and withhold the decision to provide the Lukashenka regime with hundreds of millions od dollars. As reported earlier, the IMF is set to grant reserve assets designed to provide an economic cushion for countries burdened by the effects of the coronavirus or debt debts. This is the largest payout in IMF history — $650 bn, which is to be distributed according to the size of each economy regardless of their domestic issues.

So far, the IMF has not made a specific statement on Belarus, but our country is known not to be on the list of the states which will not get SDR funds (Afghanistan, Venezuela, Myanmar).

Members of US Congress urge IMF not to allocate $950 mln to Lukashenka regime