Investigative Committee closes criminal case against four PandaDoc employees

Мinsk, 13 September 2020. Photo: Belsat

The information about the termination of the case was confirmed by the company’s management, reports.

According to PandaDoc, they do not yet know exactly about the removal of all restrictions which were earlier imposed on the defendants in the case. We are unable to The Investigative Committee could not be reached for comment.

In summer 2020, company founders Syarhei Barysyuk and Mikita Mikada created a private initiative, which raised money for law enforcement officers who decided to change their profession. On September 2, the Minsk office of PandaDoc was searched. As many as 7 of 20 employees were detained for questioning. For two days, officers of the Financial Investigations Department questioned more than 100 employees of the company.

Belarusian top managers of PandaDoc charged with embezzlement

On September 4, it emerged that a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 210 of the Criminal Code (’embezzlement by abuse of power, committed by an organised group or on a large scale’) was brought. It was alleged that they had stolen about 107,000 rubles from the budget through VAT refunds, thereby causing damage to the state. In addition, state-run TV accused PandaDoc of financing protests.

One of the detainees, director of the company’s Minsk office, Dzmitry Rabtsevich, was released on his own recognizance and placed under house arrest the day after Alyaksandr Lukashenka met with political prisoners in the KGB detention centre in October. A bit later, chief accountant Yuliya Shardyka and HR Uladzislau Mikhalap were discharged from prison, but also put under house arrest.

In February 2021, it emerged that PandaDoc liquidated its office in Belarus. It opened its office in Ukraine, having transferred there about 60 employees.

A few days ago, PandaDoc product manager Viktar Kuushynau, who had spent nearly one year behind bars, got out of jail.

Lukashenka goes to prison for talks