Lukashenka elaborates on planned coup d’etat

During his visit to the Homiel region, Lukashenka said that the defendants in the “case of coup d’etat” developed several scenarios of his elimination, BelTA informs.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that the conspirators had developed several scenarios of “coup d’etat” in Belarus. Initially, they allegedly planned to eliminate Lukashenka at the May 9 parade. But since the implementation of such a scenario was difficult, they abandoned it and decided to attack his motorcade. To this end, the conspirators acquired and brought grenade launchers to Belarus. But this scenario became impossible, too, since the vehicles in the motorcade are moving quite fast and it is very difficult to hit them with a grenade launcher. So the conspirators have chosen a third option: an attack on Lukashenka’s country residence. And they even allocated $10 million for this purpose and $1 million for a sniper. However, Lukashenka did not say who allocated the money and to whom it went.

After the coup d’etat, the conspirators and the opposition intended to ask for NATO troops to enter Belarus. And this, allegedly, would be a springboard for an attack on Russia.

“They had to supposedly come to power here for a day and declare that they were in power. To do what? To ask for NATO troops to enter the territory of Belarus and put them on the eastern border near Smolensk. It was a springboard – I always told you – to attack Russia. It was the first step,” said Lukashenka.

“The case of coup d’etat”

Four detainees in the case of coup d’etat were charged with conspiracy to seize power. This was reported by KGB spokesman Kanstantsin Bychak on air of the channel Belarus 1. According to him, the detainees are confessing and cooperating with the investigation.

The names of the three defendants in the case are known: political consultant Alyaksandr Fyaduta, chairman of the BPF Ryhor Kastusiou, and lawyer Yury Zyankovich. The fourth person in custody is not mentioned.

Collage for the cover. Source: Ryhor Kastusiou / Facebook; Alyaksandr Fyaduta / private archive; Yury Zyankovich / Facebook

Alyaksandr Fyaduta and Yury Zyankovich were detained in Moscow. Ryhor Kastusiou was arrested in Shklou.

Experts and politicians have criticized the statement about the alleged attempt on Lukashenka and consider the story a provocation by the special services.