‘Politics cannot be kept out of classroom’: Lukashenka announces reset of Belarus’ education system

When making a speech at the National Pedagogical Conference on Tuesday, Alyaksandr Lukashenka made mention of the would-be reset of the education system in Belarus.

According to him, the authorities should ‘put schools in order’, because in this case the state will ‘always be in order’.

“We have learned our lessons. The events that occurred predetermined the importance of the issues that we want to discuss at the pedagogical conference. We have to reset the education system. Today it is a matter of national importance,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes the politician.

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In Lukashenka’s view, Belarus’ education system have come through many trials over the past year due to the pandemic and ‘political developments’ that affected educators as much as security officials and civil servants.

“The question that is in the air now: should schools participate in the political life of the country? The answer is unequivocal: we cannot keep politics out of the classroom. In fact, there is no politics without school. Yet, there should be only one type of politics there – the official politics, the national flag and anthem. And let’s stop discussing this matter,” he said.

During the conference, he also touched upon the contents of textbooks on history and social studies, stressing that the authorities should ‘clearly define who is a hero, who is a historical figure, and who is a traitor to their people’.

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belsat.eu, via BelTA