Hrodna authorities set to close down reputed NGO Third Sector

A hearing of the case on the liquidation of the Hrodna-based public associations Third Sector Centre is to be held on September 3, its founders said on Facebook.

In line with the situation all over the country, the city authorities keep persecuting and closing down non-government organisations. Earlier, security officers raided the office of Third Sector.

“Like almost 200 other organisations, we might have been ready for such a scenario, but I am very upset. It is a blow not so much to us as to the people we have been working for. First of all, it hits the elderly people – students of the Golden Age University, for whom our University was not only a training venue, but also a place of meetings, friendship and travelling,” Third Sector chairman Vitaut Rudnik told

Despite the fact of being persecuted by the state, the founders of the organisation intend to work remotely.

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