Famous Swedish metal band ‘Pain’ films music video in Minsk

The music video for the song “Party in My Head” by Swedish industrial metal band “Pain” was released two months ago. It was filmed in a pavilion in Zhdanovichy.

“Belsat” learned it from a person familiar with the filming of the video — a well-known production designer. The story in the video is not related to Belarus; the singer talks about loneliness during the pandemic and imagines a party. But a white-red-and-white pack of milk appears in the video.

The band didn’t really hide that they were filming in Belarus; the word “Minsk” was mentioned briefly at the beginning of the video about the music video shooting. However, the participants did not say anything during the preparation and filming of the video because of the nondisclosure agreement.

According to the “Belsat” source, the shooting lasted for two days, but the filming set took another two days to prepare, while the filming took two to three weeks.

They were filming without the participation of “Belarusfilm” or other major studios. Freelancers worked at the pavilion of an IT company in Zhdanovichy near Minsk.

The shooting of the “Party in My Head” video
“Pain” vocalist Peter Tagtgren. The shooting of “Pain’s” “Party in My Head” music video in Minsk. July 2021. Photo: Belsat reader

It is unknown why they have decided to shoot in Belarus. The source of “Belsat” believes that this may be since the video features former vocalist of “Deep Purple” Joe Lynn Turner, and his wife is Belarusian.

In general, music videos of Western bands are rarely filmed in Belarus. When they are, it’s done to save money or because of unusual ideas. For example, the Swedish power metallers “Sabaton” filmed a tank-themed music video in Belarus in 2017 in partnership with the “World of Tanks” developer — the Belarusian company “Wargaming.”

“Pain” is a popular Swedish metal band, founded in 1996, whose world fame was brought by their 2001 song “Shut Your Mouth.” The band has released eight studio albums and two dozen music videos. The band performed in Minsk in 2008 and 2017, is going to play again on February 21, 2022, in Minsk club “Re: Public.”

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