Pedestrians punished after road police car hits them

In autumn, on Zhukau Avenue in Minsk, the traffic police car followed by special vehicles of law enforcement officers, hit two pedestrians. A woman was taken to hospital with a badly bruised leg. The man was not injured. According to, pedestrians were found guilty of causing the accident.

On November 22nd decentralized protests were held in Minsk and the law enforcers were moving about the capital. There were no protesters in the vicinity of the collision. On Zhukau Avenue, traffic police car with blinkers and siren on, escorting vans, hit a man and a woman on the zebra crossing. They were crossing the road on a green traffic light. The male pedestrian was not hurt, while the woman was taken to hospital — she spent two weeks on sick leave.

The traffic police conducted an investigation and Alena and Syarhei were declared in violation of paragraph 20 of the traffic rules. They were brought to administrative responsibility: the man was fined 29 rubles, while the woman was issued a warning.

Alena does not believe that she was at fault.