Homiel: Woman gets five 15-day jail terms

АWhite-red-white flag in Navabelitsa district of Homiel. Photo: Radio Svaboda

Homiel resident Anastasiya Peravoshchykava has been arrested for another month. She is likely to spend the total of 75 days in the detention centre, Radio Svaboda reports.

Earlier, Anastasiya was sentenced to a 15-day administrative arrest three times. On February 22, she was detained and tried on the back of another two protocols drawn upon her, which resulted in her being sentenced to 30 days in custody.

“A policeman said that as there were ten counts [in the case], my daughter would get 15 days in jail for each,” her mother told journalists.

According to the mother, a police officer from Navabelitsa district police department said that, apart from Anastasiya, they had no protesters whom they could send to jail: some have minor children, others fled abroad.

On February 6, Anastasiya Peravoshchykava was released after serving her first 15-day term, but two days later, she was taken away again. The reason why she came to the local authorities’ attention was her allegedly taking photos with a white-red-white flag.

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