Family of murdered protester Taraikouski not given access to case files

The Investigative Committee will not open a criminal case on the murder of Alyaksandr Taraikouski. Alyaksandr’s father, Valer Taraikouski, found out about this decision of the investigative body from the official announcement.

Valery turned to the investigator for an explanation and a request to familiarize himself with the case materials.

“The investigator did not come out to me but said, ‘Why did you come?’ I said: “I came to talk and write a statement.” “Write a statement at the bottom, put it there,” – that’s all, he did not even come out. This is the attitude of those who should defend us, on whom we should rely, ”Alyaksandr’s father Valer Taraikouski recalls the meeting with the investigator.

Alyaksandr’s widow, Alena Herman, learned about the committee’s decision from journalists. However, in the evening she found a letter in the mailbox with a message about the refusal to initiate a criminal case due to the lack of corpus delicti and socially dangerous action.

“The day before, the investigator came, literally a day or two before these events, returned some things: the phone, the keys that Sasha had with him. I asked him for clarification, to which he replied: “I cannot tell you anything,” said Alena Herman, widow of Alyaksandr Taraikouski.

So far, the families have not received the clothes in which Alyaksandr was killed. Although in fact the investigation into the circumstances of his death has been completed. Details were published on February 19 in the telegram channel of the Investigative Committee.

“By his actions Taraikouski provoked the police: they did not know the real motives and goals of his actions,” which, according to the head of the Investigative Committee Ivan Naskevich, gave the right to use non-lethal weapons, but due to tragic circumstances one of the wounds was fatal.

According to the head of the human rights center “Legal Assistance to the Population” Aleh Volchak, this can be seen only as a cover for illegal actions of law enforcement officers, who were practically allowed to use weapons.

“According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, as soon as a criminal case is denied, within 24 hours the investigator must notify and send a decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case, as well as demonstrate materials so that the person can appeal,” said the human rights activist and Taraikouski family representative Aleh Volchak.

Alyaksandr’s family intends to take all legal steps to appeal in order to seek justice.

“I appeal to the Prosecutor General to cancel the closure of the case so that the case can be reopened. After all, this is a murder, a real murder,” Valer Taraikouski asks.

Aleh Volchak emphasizes that any in any case the inaction of the investigative bodies must be recorded for future trials. Meanwhile, Alyaksandr Taraikouski’s family and his official representatives have to wait for an answer to the lawsuit and the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of the inspection.

Khrystsina Charnyauskaya, Belsat